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In Loving Memory

Patrick Joseph Falterman II

March 16, 1990 – September 3, 2016

On September 3rd, 2016 we lost a magnificent person. Patrick Joseph Falterman II, The Modern Nomad, passed away at age 26. To view the Eulogy written by Patrick’s father, Pat Falterman, click here.

All are welcome to leave a message of remembrance in the comments. All of Patrick’s writing will be left untouched, unedited, and unaltered – the way he would have wanted.

This site is a story. It is not fiction, nor is it an autobiography. It is a collection of tales, told as experienced by me, the author.

Hitch the World was originally made to document my hitchhiking travels — hence the name. But as I grew and changed, it evolved into a place to delve into my travels in a vague, literary format — travels which, over the course of five years, have shifted from starry-eyed hitchhiking to long, drawn-out expeditions by canoe in the Amazon. Some posts read like pieces of a book; others are written in journal format.

I oftentimes heavily incorporate character dialogue. The dialogue found here is written in English, but more often than not it has been translated from Portuguese or Spanish. Character accents and dialects in such translations are invented, and are a product of my imagination — meaning, that is how I imagine they would have spoken, had they been English-speakers.

I still live the life of the indefinite traveler — but my methods have changed somewhat over the years. Not every trip has been documented here, but I try to find the time to write down the majority of my experiences, and the tales I hear from others along the way.

The information found on this site can usually be separated into two categories: The Amazon, and Hitchhiking. Several of the drop-down menus are divided as such.

Find recent stories directly below this text, or scrutinize the Archives.

For additional information, peruse the About sections. If you’ve arrived here via HitchWiki or other hitchhiking sites, and are in search of hitchhiking information, have a look at the Hitchhiking and Vagabonding Tips drop-down menu. Emails are also welcome. If you find this site interesting, don’t forget to subscribe by email using the form found below the list of most-recent stories (keep scrolling…it’s down there).

Enjoy the stories, and please, leave comments about what you think.




10 thoughts on “Welcome to Hitch The World

  1. Thank you for living like you did. I moved to south korea because I couldn’t work in the kitchen anymore in San Francisco. I wanted to teach. I have been here a year and wills tay another year. Then I think I will go to France to receive formal training in pastries. I was wavering.. thinking maybe I should just get an administrative job… but hell. When will I get the chance to just get up and move to France again without anything tying me down. Ill keep you in mind man, rest in adventures up there and hear the sounds of the animals and see the stars forever.

  2. Patrick, your stories are beautiful, your ambition admirable. You did things in life that few have the gall, the drive, or the open-mindedness to do. I am saddened to hear of your passing, but, to reference the Spielberg film, Hook: death, too, is a great adventure. I hope you’re sailing free and wild on the rivers winding on the other side.

  3. Just stumbled upon this through Stefan’s the around-the-world hitchhiker’s blog (warmroads.de), while thinking about hitching through Japan. I spent the past few hours reading many of Patrick’s articles: the tips, gear, Amazonian adventures.

    Though reading this after death, I’m glad this was all written, and still available! Perhaps this is the first time realizing I could be reading something written from someone who passed away. The digital format is rather strange compared to say a written diary or auto-biography (he does have notebooks and pens in his gear list), but it works! I wished his writings or photos were available, but maybe that’s too much information, hah.

    Though I’m more interested in people, culture, human minds, and social development, reading his lifestyle just makes me worry much less about the infinitude of human problems. Thanks! Now I’m quite excited to go about asking for farm work in Taiwan, hitching through Japan, and, perhaps, go after that old idea in the back of my mind for some time: travel through South America. The culture of Patrick is a great one. :)

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