Amazon Gear List

This is a list of the type of gear I usually have before hitting the river. It’s worth noting that I am very well-equipped at the moment, and that I have hit the river with much less than this. This gear list was compiled for a sixty day expedition into the jungle along mostly uninhabited rivers (Rios Aracá and Jauarí). If, for example, you were to travel a more populated and trafficked route, many of these things would be unnecessary — but still nice to have.

This gear list is designed to allow me to enjoy maximum self-sufficency and security. The fishing gear provides me with food, and I have equipment to fish in just about every different way there is. The gun and ammunition, in addition to security against dangerous fauna, is also a tool for food aquisition, as game such as paca, cuxia, ducks, junglefowel, deer, wild pigs, and caiman can be shot, salted, dried, and preserved as a reserve food source when there are no fish to be had (or simply to break the monotony of fish for breakfast, fish for lunch, and fish for dinner). The kitchen gear allows me to cook meals in the bush without having to rely on making a fire in wet rainforest. Various knives, navigation tools, and first aid help keep me prepared, oriented, and healthy.

I find use, eventually, for every item on this list. 

The list is divided into twelve parts: Survival, Arms and Ammunition, Fishing, Electronics, First Aid and Toiletries, Cooking, Dry foods, Sleeping, Clothing, Travel, Hauling, and Misc


01 Gerber hatchet
02 multitools (1 Gerber 1 Made in China)
01 mini MagLite
01 MagLite
01 Hunting flashlight (green filter)
01 AA headlamp
01 AAA headlamp
01 Made in China pocket knife
01 razor knife with three interchangable blades and sharpener
01 Fish cleaning knife
01 small sheath knife
01 sharpening stone
01 file with handle
01 small machete
01 large machete
02 compasses with mirror
02 maps of the area
03 Mosquito head nets
02 whistles
02 rolls duct tape
02 tubes super glue
01 rechargable lantern
02 packs epoxy
01 litre gasoline

Arms and Ammunition

01 break action .20 gauge shotgun
01 box smokeless powder
01 handmade reloader
17 shells (08 loaded, 5 with no. 7.5 bird shot, three with 00 buck shot)
70 no. 209 shotshell primers
01 kilo 00 buck shot
10 lbs no 7.5 bird shot
200 plastic wads
01 can biodegradable gun oil
01 cleaning rag

Survival / Arms and Ammunition

Survival / Arms and Ammunition


01 cast net
01 30mm mesh gill net 30 m
02 40mm mesh gill net, one 50 m the other 25 m
01 50mm mesh gill net 50 m
01 60mm mesh gill net 50 m
01 20 mm gill net 10 m
01 netting needle
01 mask and snorkel
01 trot line with 5 hooks
04 set lines with double hook steel leaders
02 large prop baits
02 catfish hand lines
02 Ugly Stick rods
01 Shakesphere baitcaster reel
01 Bass Pro spinner reel
250 yds 30lb test braided monofiliment Spider Wire
90 m 89lb test nylon fishing line
250 yds 20 lb test braided monofiliment Spider Wire
300 yds 80 lb test braided monofiliment
02 feet of lead
01 big catfish hook with sinkers on 110 yds 91lb test nylon fishing line
03 rolls .30 mm line
12 double hook steel leaders
05 nylon leaders
01 fish gig
Various hooks of all sizes
01 bait box containing sinkers, leaders, swivels, and around 40 artificial baits, including prop baits, buzz baits, jerk baits, midwater lures, poppers, and jigs
01 bag assorted hooks, line, and sinkers




01 Nikon waterproof camera
02 16GB memory cards
02 battery packs
01 recharger for camera batteries
01 recharger for lantern
01 GoalZero Solar panel
08 D batteries
16 AA batteries
27 AAA batteries

First Aid and Toiletries

04 bottles sunscreen, various stregnths
01 bottle shampoo
03 bottles insect repellant (lotion)
02 Energy Drops
04 tubes chapstick
01 tube coco butter
01 bottle chlorine drops
03 neosporin
01 dexametasona
01 miconazol
01 chlorofromiton
01 dexclorfeniramina
02 metronidazole
03 packets paraceutamol
04 packets diarreah medicine
04 packets cold medicine
01 sanitary spray
Band Aids
02 travel toothbrush
02 inhaler
10 condoms
01 package sanitary napkins
02 bars soap
02 tubes toothpaste
01 deoderant
02 rolls bandage tape
01 needle and thread
02 combs
10 sulfer tablets
01 roll floss
01 string and needle
Cough Drops
10 Ziploc bags


01 13 kg bottle propane
01 backup gas regulator
01 camp stove
01 pressure cooker
01 frying pan
01 pot
01 soup pot
01 small pot
01 coffee thermos
02 tin plates
01 plastic bowel
03 plastic cups
02 forks
04 spoons
01 dinner knife
01 kitchen knife
04 lighters
01 wooden spoon
01 soup ladel
01 liquid dish soap
01 bar soap
02 sponges
01 pack steel wool
01 50 litre Styrofoam ice chest

Dry foods

04 kilos rice
02 kilos beans
03 kilos sugar
01 kilo coffee grounds
02 kilos spaghetti
25 onions
10 heads garlic
05 kilos flour
05 kilos salt
black pepper
parmesan cheese


01 hammock with mosquito netting
04 tarps
01 bivvy tent
1000 feet paracord
500 feet quarter inch rope
500 feet half inch rope
01 sheet


03 long sleeved shirts
02 pants (camo)
06 T shirts
01 jumpsuit
01 rain coat
01 Boonie cap
01 baseball cap
01 pair socks
01 pair size 8 rubber jungle boots
01 pair red flip flops
01 towel


01 4.5 m wooden canoe
03 wooden paddles
01 palm tree mast
01 lug sail, plastic tarp


01 large waterproof duffel bag
01 small waterproof duffel bg
01 ALICE pack
01 very old Chilean Army pack


01 D Flat harmonica
02 books
*River of Doubt by Candice Millard
*Through the Brazilian Wilderness by Teddy Roosevelt
03 notebooks
04 pens
05 packets black tobacco
1,000 cigarette papers

6 thoughts on “Amazon Gear List

  1. Dude, Great list. You must have been a Boy Scout because you are certainly prepared. Roosevelt should have had you along. But I don’t see how you can get all that into the canoe. I have floated and fished several rivers in the Amazon and Argentina over the years. I always take the bare necessities (except for some good wine and cigars). And I always went alone because there are very few people like you out there! Have fun and suerte with the adventure.

    M. Bronson Fitzgerald
    Houston, Texas

    • Ha, my canoe may not look very big but I assure you I can fit a lot of things in there.

      Which rivers have you fished?

      Barcelos, Amazonas

  2. Ok, you’re a good packer; and planner. You travel in luxury compared to me. I put a lot of effort into meal planning! Less on gear and hardware but I do think it through; just keep it minimal. Since I normally travel alone (because everyone is too busy) I have thought about taking a radio beacon or satellite phone but have not as yet. In South America, I have floated/fished Venezuela’s Amazon (Apure, Cinaruco, Orinoco), a river in northeast Brazil I can’t remember name off top of my head, Argentina (5 times the Corrientes, Limay, Rio Negro, Chubut, Rio de la Plata), Chile (Tolten), Panama (Lake Alejuela), Costa Rica (San Juan and another I can’t remember name). I have fished other rivers in Africa and Australia but not too many. I am back in East Texas float fishing my home river, the Trinity. We slay the white bass this time of year. You’ll have the makings of a good book/movie.

    M. Bronson Fitzgerald

    • As it happens the Trinity is my home river as well…you know the Highway 105 bridge in Liberty County? I grew up about ten miles away.

  3. Really? Cool. I am familiar with that bridge. I normally fish in or above the lake. The 77 mile section above the lake from Hwy 19 north to Hwy 7 (the old Lock and Dam) is where the fish quiver at the mention of my name! We’ve been simply pounding the white bass lately getting limits every time out. We’ll continue that until the spawn is over. Well neighbor, let me know when you get back. I enjoy reading your stuff and would like to take you fishing.

    • I’ve edited out the personal information, as per your request, and left only the fishing bit.

      I grew up in Tarkington, just off of FM 2518. I used to spear trash with Boy Scout Troop 95 under that bridge. The Trinity is good memories. If I ever make it back there I’d be happy to spend a few days rounding up some stripers or setting out some trot lines for cats. It’s been too long.

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