Night Hitchhiking

Part Three: Night Hitchhiking

Sometimes you just want to hitch all night long, and the adreline rush you get from doing it is ceartinly thrilling. Hitchhiking at night is undoubtably more dangerous than during the day, but if you are in a rural area than it’s probably fine….danger-wise. Be sure to stand in well-lighted areas, and try not to act too drunk, you cretin.  There’s lots of techniques to get attention while night hitchhiking: blinking your flashlight, standing in front of a reflecting sign so that you become a huge shadow in front of “Bogotá 150km,” breaking off reflectors and placing them in stratigic places over your body, glowsticks – but usually you’re better off turning in and waiting for morning.

Your most successful night hitchhiking will probably be at all-night truck stops or gas stations, which is convienent since if you get tired of trying you can just crash out back and in the morning you’ll still be in a decent hitchhiking spot.

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3 thoughts on “Night Hitchhiking

  1. I have to disagree somewhat about the notion of hitchhiking at night in a rural area being less dangerous. It’s not, really. All kinds of people drive our highways, byways and sideroads at all hours of the day and night, and one never knows who they may get picked up by, especially at night, no matter where they may be.

  2. The point is that the danger in night hitchhiking comes from not the people whom pick you up, but the people who might be around you on the roadside. Sure, you get picked up by all types at all hours…but I guaruntee you you’ll feel safer thumbing it across from a farm at 2 am than on the on-ramp for the freeway out of Mexico City at midnight.

    The first time I ever got robbed was on the side of the freeway at night in a city. I’ve hitched at night many times after that, only in the countryside, and had no problems whatsoever.

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