Part Eight: Health Care While On The Road

It is important to maintain good health while travelling. Many hospitals offer free check-ups, so take advantage of this when you can. Also, be sure you vaccinations are up-to-date if traveling to the tropics or th¡rd-world countries. Vaccinations are usually free, though sometimes you may have to pay a small amount.

If you become very sick while traveling and are unable to afford your medications or a hospital stay, most countries have aid programs that can help you. Don’t put off getting the necessary medications just because you think you can ‘tough it out.’ While this may sometimes be the case, it’s still not worth the risk of dying over.

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  1. Hey Marcelo, I’m your moms sister’s best friend from high school. And last thanksgiving we welcomes a hitchhiker that travels the world like you! It’s an adventure of a lifetime

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