Part Six: Getting Extra Cash

There are many ways to get money as a traveller. Some are dirty, tricky and underhanded. These techniques will not be covered here and I don’t advocate using them, though I have myself in the past before I knew anything about anything.

The first, and easiest way, is busking. Learn an instrument, learn to juggle, and practice your skill on the street along with a tin can and a sign that says ‘Tips Appreciated.’ Sometimes you can make quite a chunk of change busking, especially if you’re good, and you’ll always have enough to get some food afterward. Remember, you don’t have to be extremely skilled at your performance to make money. People will throw change in because at least  you’re out there trying, or maybe they’re just paying you to shut up. Either way, you win.

You can also pick up odd jobs, be it for an afternoon or for a week, to get a little extra dough for necessary things. They are usually very easy to find. Try farms or places that hire day workers.

If you are skilled with your hands, you can make trinkets or little things to sell on the street. I have recently started selling water-colour paintings and make things out of old telephone cable wire.

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