A Thanks to the Road

A Thanks to the Road! to my life upon Her

That the ways, and the days, will forever recur

That they never return to the way that they were

That the journey runs both high and low.

But for he who follows, an oft-vacant end?

Or a life that which nothing can ever contend?

The Will of the Wanderer shall never bend

To the trials that plague him so.

Yes! wind on down, O black, twisted Snake

Unspeakable Things follow in my wake!

And yet, there’s nothing that You ever can take

From before, that I’ll ever dispute.

I remember the Day, when It all began

Living the life of a shameful man

T’was then I conceived it, the brilliant Plan!

The Escape from a life taken root.

The means of Release were still quite unclear

Until on the Day I renounced my fear

I set out on foot for the Road, with my gear

Dizzy, but finally departed.

As I ambled on, the bright Sky grew dark

But! exuberant feelings were filling my Heart!

 Here, on the Road, born the unknown part

Of essence; waters uncharted.

It was then, on That Night, that my Soul decided

I would live off the fruit that my Road had provided!

And give up my lifestyle, so sorely misguided

To seek that which I didn’t know.

Day after Day was spent travelling; where?

To the ends of the Earth, through the teeth of despair

Never before had I been more aware

Of Life, it’s essence, it’s glow.

The years slipped by like sweet little days

The concept of time just an imprecise haze

The purports of the Road never cease to amaze

He who dares seek them out.

The notion of distance was diminished as well

On miles, and metres, I no longer did dwell

It took all the zeal that I had to dispel

The feeling of indefinite route.

It was only To-day that I finally realized

That a life on the Road was a mere disguise

For the end of my Plagues, their untimely demise!

And my troubles did draw their last breath.

Completely alone, I finally could tell

How conclusively I had escaped from the Hell

That enveloped before my every blood cell

And threatened my Spirit with death.

Now! the future is bright and full of Adventure

I shall never regret that Day I did venture

Outside of the Bubble to whom I was indentured

And finally lightened my load.

To the Sky I peered up, awash with emotion

Who would have conceived such peculiar notions?

With a grin I now write, with a humble devotion

My beholden…Thanks to the Road.


4 thoughts on “A Thanks to the Road

  1. Very nice and now a poet, you never cease to amaze me. These would be great to work on now that you are “settled” for awhile.

  2. Very impressed Mr Falterman, good job!
    I was really into the poem, seeing all the images of your journey, of the difficulties and of the joys you shared with me.
    Sigue asi!


  3. Very nice…and oh, so true. Who knows, people may actually “study” your writings one day in English literature classes!
    I really liked this.

  4. Hey Patrick! I read this before, but now that I’m rereading this I had a thought: It’s much more interesting to read poetry whenever you know the poet very well. Not only for the fact that this poem is tailored to your situation, so I can envision things that happened, but also for the small things, like the “years went by like sweet little days” line. Jesus: The Missing Years. Ha. Nicely done, I enjoyed it even more the second time.

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